Alison Garwood Jones


Originally published in December 2016 in Blog

“Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe.” — Marilyn Monroe to reporter Patricia Newcomb, 1962.

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Ancient find

Originally published in November 2016 in Blog

Remains from the ancient city of Hamilton: Pantone broad-nib marker carbon tested to 1981, and Buffalo Artist Marker, circa 1976 (note the teeth marks on cap, thought to be placed there by a small child). These exceptional finds post-date the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Greeks and Romans. And while they may be grouped with other common finds […]

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The Champ

Originally published in June 2016 in Blog

I briefly experienced Muhammad Ali’s dynamism and generous personality. It was 1986, my high school prom, and word spread on the dance floor that Muhammad Ali was staying in a room at the hotel we had booked. A group of boys said, Let’s go up and meet him. I think I was the only girl […]

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CBS artifact

Originally published in February 2016 in Blog

When the choices were Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies, two gag-driven rural comedies pumped full of canned laugher, along came a sitcom more true to women and the times. The laughter was real. Update: From Hollywood, James L. Brooks’s response:  

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Where does content live?

Originally published in November 2015 in Blog


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George Jetson

Originally published in November 2015 in Blog, Doodling, Illustration

    Did you know that when the The Jetsons debuted in 1962, George was a Digital Index Operator at Spacely Space Sprockets Inc.? That  job was funny then, but weirdly familiar now, like so many gadgets and scenarios in that great cartoon. If you really want to geek out, George earned his living pushing a […]

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Bye, Summer

Originally published in September 2015 in Blog

Closing up the cottage is a particularly Canadian emotion, unfamiliar to those whose summer months aren’t bookended by snow and cold. I still have sand in my hallway from a trip to Lake Huron last weekend. I don’t want to sweep it up. When the tan on my feet fades, I’ll get out the broom. […]

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She loves me

Originally published in June 2015 in Blog

There’s a reason why guitar strummers always get the girl. Even base players have been taken aback over how easily the hugs and propositions flow after a show. We’ve been saying it since the 1970s: some guys are just more “sensitive.” Women notice men who can emote — or who, at least, convince us they […]

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Why I didn’t work it

Originally published in February 2015 in Blog

I don’t normally take requests on my blog. But a good friend of mine who has been watching me play at this piano for the last six years, and who has more than once thrown encouragement in my tip cup, says he wants me to write about beauty. My beauty. “I keep talking about beauty […]

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Move over

Originally published in December 2014 in Blog

New technology has always been forcing us to change. Here is a priceless vignette by Doris Lessing about the introduction of the television set to the row houses of post-war London. [I]t was the summer of 1950. Before I left Denbigh Road I saw the end of an era, the death of a culture: television […]

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