Alison Garwood Jones

Thoughts on the Supply Chain

Originally published in April 2020 in Blog, Pen Jar Productions, Surface Design

This is the Squill Pillow I designed and began selling last year from my Toronto Studio, PenJarProductions. 🎨 It’s squill season in Ontario and the ravines in Toronto are carpets of purple. The arrival of Spring flowers and beer on patios 🍺 are two phenomena that make grown Cannadians squeal like children in line at an […]

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Beauty Geeks features my “Spring Branches” pillow for Valentine’s Day

Originally published in February 2020 in Blog

The magazine editor in me still appreciates round-ups of pretty things.🎀 Just like in the movies, the packages arrive at your office. 🛍 📦 You unbox them with glee and line up the object on your desk looking for patterns in ingredients, colours and textures. 💄🌺 Then you pull them together to tell a story. […]

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30 Gift Ideas For The Month of November

Originally published in November 2019 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Every day for the month of November, my store¬†Pen Jar Productions¬†will be posting a different Holiday Gift Idea. I like coming up with designs that make people smile or sit up. It makes me feel like I’ve just looked you in the eye and found a way to turn down the volume […]

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Process Junkie

Originally published in March 2019 in Blog, Surface Design, Toronto Illustrators

Who doesn’t love process, and art supplies!

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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Writer In Your Life

Originally published in November 2018 in Blog

A while back, I made a bunch of ink and watercolour drawings with a film noir feel. I couldn’t decide if I was growing a cartoon strip, or just testing out a new sketchbook and pen? I still don’t know. This is as far as I got: I couldn’t let go of what I had […]

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The Toronto Island Ferry Tote Bag is here

Originally published in August 2018 in Blog

My thanks to Dani of the Ward’s Island Trust for this shot. Pen Jar Productions, Toronto: When you convince the gruff and sunburned ferry workers to hang a poster of your ferry-themed merch in their common room at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. I’ll be selling these babies (via Shopify) at the Craft Fair during […]

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Creative Entrepreneurs: a mutual support society

Originally published in June 2018 in Blog

The nice thing about being a creative entrepreneur, other than the creative freedom, the distance from office politics, and the casual wardrobe (I also like to randomly drop and do sit-ups, which I wouldn’t do in an office setting) is the sense of camaraderie with fellow freelancers. We hire each other, and pay with cash […]

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